Gratitude For Five Years-Here’s to Five More

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.

~ William Arthur Ward

This past month, ReVision Learning Partnership celebrated its Five Year Anniversary.

I wanted to take a moment to stop and reflect upon the importance of those around me who have helped keep its vision and purpose alive.

I started with the simple idea of creating professional learning that could impact the way educators enVisioned what they do and, more importantly, why they do it. I sought to provide professional learning for educators built on the understanding that best practice is best realized in collaborative, supportive relationships.

What I understood, and continue to know for certain, is that reaching that very goal required cooperation and commitment, hence the “Partnership” in our very name.

Upon reflection, there are three primary reasons why ReVision Learning has been able to reach this milestone and is continuing to plan for its next five years.

Forged Partnerships

We have forged partnerships with several organizations with a common mission and purpose. Those organizations that have been open to and continued to maintain collaborative, supportive, learning focused relationships built upon a foundation of not only mutual benefit but mutual trust are the ones that have helped us make a difference.  Organizations such as the CT Association of Schools, ReVIEW Talent Feedback Systems, the BERC Group, and Professional Learning Maps and Amplify Education (a new growing relationship) support our purpose as they too demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that learning is at the center of all they do with and for their clients.

Clients as Partners

We view our relationship with our clients as one of partnership.  There is no ivory tower approach that is applied in our work with clients.  Instead, we approach each new commitment with a school, district, or State Department of Education as a partnership in learning for all members of the educational community.  While we base each of those relationships on the quality products and services we have developed over the past five years, we collect and collaboratively analyze personalized data about existing practice and engage a learning cycle that allows on-going feedback to be the focus.  It’s not just customization, its personalization.

Contributing Consultants as Partners

Lastly, it has been the Contributing Consultants who have provided a pivotal partnership in maintaining our vision. Each day that these amazing educators engage with their clients, they do so with the intent of impacting that person’s life as a professional. Because of their commitment and the partnerships they forge with the educators they serve, they are never satisfied with just delivering the content or doing the job, and, instead, are motivated to support each individual towards change in themselves and those they serve.

Ultimately, these partnerships all help to deliver on the dream of ReVision Learning Partnership.

I want to thank our partners, our clients and our Contributing Consultants for keeping that vision alive. I am deeply grateful to all of you for the impact you have had on the thousands of educators served by ReVision Learning Partnership in the past five years.

Please know that I am honored to be working with you as colleague and blessed to know you in this life as a friend.


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