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We grow the capacity of your people to improve student achievement.

Transform your school into a culture of trust and collaboration in less time with fewer resources.

Don’t let your teachers become isolated.

When teachers and administrators don’t get the personal and professional support they need, student outcomes decline. Productivity drops. Soon, the overall climate and culture hits rock bottom.

No one should be set up to fail.


Teachers are overwhelmed.

Year after year, teachers are asked to change their thinking and practices based on new standards. They’re overwhelmed, burned out and don’t know where to turn for help.

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Easier Said than Done

We know it’s easier said than done.

You’re putting in 60+ hours a week. You’re pulled in so many different directions, it forces you to react, abandon plans, and address immediate needs.

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Being Effective

You want to be effective.

So much has changed from when you started. From goals, to curriculum, to the social and emotional needs of students, it’s difficult to keep up and give everyone the support they need when they need it most.

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Our clients say it best!

About Us

Amy & Patrick

Amy Tepper & Patrick Flynn

Educational Coaches & Facilitators

Since meeting in 2013, what has defined Patrick and Amy as a team is a blending of unique experiences in the field of education coupled with an enduring drive to promote growth in others. Together, they cultivate new levels of learning for those who influence student outcomes through the support of teachers. They bring a diversity in their skill sets that creates a powerful force for change with Amy’s high level of understanding of research-based teaching and learning across disciplines and grade levels and Patrick’s experience in supporting organizational design and shared decision-making. Together, they transform teams by building capacity and redesigning complex systems of schools to ensure sustainability and impact.

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Administrators, Coaches, Teachers

Great schools have great instructional leaders.



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Our Expertise

Support your culture of learning.

Our books provide the perfect support for instructional leaders and teachers on a mission to grow their personal and professional development.

Feedback to Feed Forward: 31 Strategies to Lead Learning

As a leader, you know that feedback is essential to teachers’ growth and development. But crafting the right feedback can be daunting. How do you conduct comprehensive observations, accurately analyze lessons for effectiveness, and develop high-leverage action steps that bring lasting change to teacher practices and student outcomes? This how-to book, designed for leaders in all roles and at all experience levels, provides a dynamic yet practical leadership model focused on precisely those key tasks.

“Leading learning meets specificity! Tepper and Flynn take the most powerful strategy for change we know—feedback— and comprehensively break it down into themes that are well-grounded in theory and practice. Treat Feedback to Feed Forward as a master cookbook. Look for what you need and delve into it with a connoisseur’s appetite.”

Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus, OISE/University of Toronto
University of Toronto

Learner-Focused Feedback: 19 Strategies to Observe for Impact

Observing to determine how and if students are learning is complex because the concept of learning is complex. Building on our foundational standards of effective observation and feedback and twenty-one core skills introduced in Feedback to Feed Forward, Learner-Focused Feedback offers new strategies for engaging with learners in a variety of ways within different instructional structures. You will find this second comprehensive guidebook serves as a valuable companion or extension to our first book.

“A leader’s most important job is to help teachers understand their impact on student learning. Collecting evidence of learning through observation is a difficult skill to master, but Tepper and Flynn have given us the tools we need in this essential new resource.”

John Hattie, Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia

We believe everyone is a learner and a teacher.

Our evidence-based professional learning design opens doors and opens minds. We partner with you to personalize the learning plan that meets your goals. 



Our workshops are for anyone who supports teachers, supports those who support teachers, observes classroom practice or seeks to increase their own effectiveness. These half-day to multi-day sessions provide opportunities for everyone to learn from one another and apply that knowledge to their own situation. We explore ways to collect and analyze evidence, as well as actively engage in methods to improve written and verbal feedback. All of this is designed to fit within your district’s or school’s needs.


Job-Embedded Coaching

While workshops can teach core skills and inspire us to practice, job-embedded and ongoing virtual support for leaders and teachers in their schools ensures even greater personalization and allows for flexible and efficient use of training time. These opportunities lead to increased efficacy and ensure educators have strategies to apply new learning to achieve goals based on their needs and their teams.

Instructional Content

Instructional Content

We seek to provide all educators with free access to information that will better serve teachers as they strive to ensure the best possible service to students. Whether printables to support key practices, short videos focused on strategies from their books, or just reflective conversations about their experiences in the schools they serve, these resources will support an educator regardless of whether or not they’ve participated in our workshop or heard us speak.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Our undeniable passion for teaching and learning creates high-energy, relatable, and motivating experiences for groups of all sizes. These are not ‘sit-and-get’ sessions, but highly engaging opportunities to actively strengthen new skills, leaving with actionable next steps to apply tomorrow. Keynote topics vary and audiences range in size. Keynotes can be delivered as 45-minute, 2-hour, or half and full day workshops.


Shift your people to the next level.

We work side-by-side with you to personalize a plan that gives people what they need and when they need it to grow their capacity to lead.

Start today. Lead tomorrow.

Here’s how you can start to transform your teaching and learning today.

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Witness systemic transformation in your people and culture, not just isolated fixes.


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