Making Video-Based Calibration Matter

At ReVision Learning Partnership we want to ensure evaluator capacity focuses on high quality feedback. Teachers deserve to trust their observations. School administrators need to know evaluators can deliver feedback focused on student achievement. Taxpayers should demand an effective teacher for their children.

For the last half decade schools have “ensured” evaluators calibrate against some video. This approach has severe limitations. At ReVision Learning Partnership we want to focus not just on calibration but on evaluator capacity. The difference may seem subtle but school districts find the two approaches worlds apart.

In fact the 2015 MET Program Guide, Seeing it Clearly: Improving Observer Training For Better Feedback And Better Teaching noted how a simple test of agreement will never do:

 developing these competencies is largely a matter of repeated modeling and practice. To master a skill, you need to see how it’s done, try it yourself, and learn how you did.

Video-Based Calibration

ReVision Learning Partnerships has joined forces with ReVIEW Talent Feedback System to rethink video based professional learning. We now provide video based calibration but focus more on capacity building than score agreement. First and foremost, pre-scored, videos provide insight to an evaluator’s understanding of the teaching framework being used within a state or by the individual district. Yet just getting a report of agreement does not help an evaluator grow.

The innovative Video-Based Calibration modules in ReVIEW Talent Feedback System take agreement scoring to the next level. Evaluators using our system receive high quality feedback from our talented coaches using the ReVision Learning Supervisory Continuum. We coach your administrators by giving them the same narrative report teachers deserve.

Feedback and modeling. It drives everything we do at ReVision Learning.

How Does It Work?


ReVIEW Talent Feedback Systems Video Based Calibration modules can work with any framework or rubric. If you are new to ReVIEW we conduct a norming activity to your chosen framework. Then we can add your rubric directly to our system or simply have evaluators upload their completed feedback reports. Next your evaluators are assigned a normed video to score. They write the report directly in ReVIEW or upload the report. A ReVision Learning coach will then score the report against the RVL and send the evaluator a detailed report. As a district you get a snapshot of agreement and data that we can use together in behaviorlization activities.

How Does This Benefit My District?

You learn early in the process how well an evaluator can recognize practice inherent in the teaching rubrics. You will evaluate whether or not they can record evidence from a piece of classroom instruction to ensure that ongoing training is targeted, personalized, and impactful.

Your district also gets access to data that can help you shape professional learning moving forward. While our Collegial Calibration approach embeds our coaches into the classroom we truly believe we have built the next best thing with ReVIEW Talent Feedback System. As a district leader you can be ensured that not only are you meeting the state guidelines for calibration activities, but also that your evaluators receive coaching that increases their capacity to deliver feedback designed for growth.

Want to Learn More?

Contact me or reach out to us on ReVIEW Talent Feedback System.

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