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Supporting Staff Beyond the Pandemic

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Supporting Staff in Varied/Remote Models

Our evidence-based resources will shift your people to the next level.

Whether printables to support key practices, short videos focused on strategies from our books, or just reflective conversations about our experiences in the schools, these resources will support a leader regardless of whether or not they’ve participated in our workshops or heard us speak.


Our books provide the perfect support for instructional leaders and teachers on a mission to grow their personal and professional development.

Feedback to Feed Forward: 31 Strategies to Lead Learning

As a leader, you know that feedback is essential to teachers’ growth and development. But crafting the right feedback can be daunting. This how-to book, designed for leaders in all roles and at all experience levels, provides a dynamic yet practical leadership model focused on precisely those key tasks. How do you conduct comprehensive observations, accurately analyze lessons for effectiveness, and develop high-leverage action steps that bring lasting change to teacher practices and student outcomes?

“Leading learning meets specificity! Tepper and Flynn take the most powerful strategy for change we know—feedback— and comprehensively break it down into themes that are well-grounded in theory and practice. Treat Feedback to Feed Forward as a master cookbook. Look for what you need and delve into it with a connoisseur’s appetite.”

Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus, OISE/University of Toronto
University of Toronto

Learner-Focused Feedback: 19 Strategies to Observe for Impact

Observing to determine how and if students are learning is complex because the concept of learning is complex. Building on our foundational standards of effective observation and feedback and twenty-one core skills introduced in Feedback to Feed ForwardLearner-Focused Feedback offers new strategies for engaging with learners in a variety of ways within different instructional structures. You will find this second comprehensive guidebook serves as a valuable companion or extension to our first book.

“A leader’s most important job is to help teachers understand their impact on student learning. Collecting evidence of learning through observation is a difficult skill to master, but Tepper and Flynn have given us the tools we need in this essential new resource.”

John Hattie, Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Australia

Both books have been designated as Visible Learning Supporting Resources. The Supporting Resources have been recognized for focusing on practices that have high effect sizes and will help you translate the groundbreaking Visible Learning research into practice. 


Our video series provides opportunities to continuously learn.

Learner Focused Feedback

Corwin Webinar Leading Learning Through Observation
Culture of Learning

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