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Voices of ReVision

August 19, 2014

Voices of ReVision is an integrated social media space where ReVision Learning and its partners will share their visions about education and educational practice. This space will include access to our weekly Voices of ReVision, new postings from the Founder and Contributing Consultants and our Twitter feed. We look forward to linking with other […]

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The Puzzle Pieces Fit

August 19, 2014

Last year, the New England Association of School and Colleges visited Wamogo Regional High School in Litchfield, CT for our decennial accreditation. As this process was occurring, we were simultaneously engaged in the new, teacher evaluation process. In addition, other local initiatives placed additional demands on our staff. Specifically, we engaged a new Science and […]

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The Right Conversation

May 28, 2014

Guest Author: Amy Tepper Amy is a Senior Contributing Consultant with ReVision Learning Partnership In April, I had the opportunity to participate on a panel for an “Information Night” about the Common Core Standards for parents based on current perspectives in classrooms. I was excited. I have been in over 100 classrooms in the past […]

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Enriching Teacher Evaluation Through Artifacts and Collegial Conversation

April 21, 2014

I wrote in a previous post about what we believe authentic observation practice looks like and how it can influence a deeper, more meaningful application of teacher performance and practice reviews related to teacher evaluation models. We have not hidden from the fact that we believe much more in the validity and possibility associated with […]

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Student Exploration Nurtures Student Engagement

March 13, 2014

Guest Author: Mike Maunsell Mike Maunsell is in the last phase of his teacher preparation program at the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, CT. He is entering the teaching profession as a second career. Not long ago I was speaking with my friend Patrick Flynn, Executive Director of ReVision Learning, about teaching and learning in […]

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Authentic Teacher Observation Supports Professional Learning, Not a Scripted Defense

March 10, 2014

Over the past three years ReVision Learning facilitators have routinely been met with the comment from administrators “but that’s not how we were told we have to observe teachers.” We first heard this in New York as we provided training to Network Teams and then in Connecticut with districts that engaged in on-going calibration activities […]

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Authentic Learning for 21st Century Skills

March 6, 2014

I recently had the privilege of engaging in a morning of classroom visits at Pomperaug High School in Southbury, CT who has partnered with Center for 21st Century Skills at EDUCATION CONNECTION. I went on the visits to assist in the review of a 21st Century Instruction and Learning Standards Rubric designed to support and […]

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It’s About “Time” Gov. Malloy

February 27, 2014

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy announced earlier this month that he is calling for a “slowing down of new stricter evaluations for teachers” and is “establishing a task force to study implementation of the Common Core State Standards.” It’s about “time.” Funny thing is, it’s always been about “time.” It is less, however, about “more time” […]

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Developing Human Capital with Purpose

January 26, 2012

I had a discussion with a Principal (Aspiring) from NYC today who is involved in the New Leaders Aspiring Principal program. He is in his final stages of preparation for full placement in leadership. This aspiring principal has been involved in a blended environment program through New Leaders that includes a bulk of preparation in […]

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A Call For Community in Teacher Evaluation

January 4, 2012

I recently attended a session with Charlotte Danielson who highlighted the need for better systems of teacher evaluation. One of the highlights of her discussion was when she simplified the reality of evaluating teaching and learning with the following quote: Classroom teaching…is perhaps the most complex, most challenging, and most demanding, subtle, nuanced, and frightening […]

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Leadership for the New Century

June 6, 2011

Last week I had the honor to congratulate a new cohort of CT EPFP (Educational Policy Fellowship Program) as they completed the year long program and became new alumni members, joining the hundreds of other CT educators who have participated in the Fellowship in the past 25 years. While this particular group of educators was […]

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We stand with the hundreds of thousands of protesters who have taken to the streets to demand justice and respect for black men, women, and children. We commit to working actively to support educators, policy makers, and legislators in the fight against institutional racism. We seek through our efforts to end injustice by continuing to work to ensure equitable and accessible learning for all.