ReVision Learning Announces Upcoming On-Line Courses

Designing and delivering professional learning to support adults in today’s school environments requires the same multi-dimensional planning we expect to see in our classrooms. Providing educators access to new learning, offering resources to reinforce existing or on-going learning, and building targeted, supportive professional learning programs is made more possible through integration of technology.

In January of 2016, ReVision Learning will be launching a series of on-line courses for administrators and teachers. ReVision Learning’s online courses are designed to support educators either as a stand-alone professional learning program or in conjunction with our face-face and job-embedded professional learning models. Structured to fit the needs of educators across multiple, our online courses allow educators to take control of their learning, creating a more personal learning environment to improve their leadership or teaching practice.

ReVision Learning’s online courses can be used as…

  • Blended/Responsive training modules to existing training for both teachers and leaders
  • Blended/Responsive training modules as part of ReVision Learning’s Train the Trainer Model for Collegial Calibrations™.
  • A blended approach to provide on-going coaching support to the development of a district level facilitators
  • Stand alone professional learning


Courses for Educational Leaders:

I. Providing High Quality Feedback (Opening for enrollment in January 2016)
Part I: High Quality Written Feedback
Part II: Building Your Resources for Effective Feedback
Part III: Effective Verbal Feedback

II. Collegial Calibrations: Collaborating for Effective Feedback for Teachers

III. Becoming a Better Observer: Aligning Rubrics to Support Better Observation Approaches

IV. Defining, Evaluating and Coaching for Rigor


Courses for Teachers:

I. Understanding Your Teaching and Learning Framework

II. Building Quality Classroom Environments

III. Planning for Effective Learning

IV. Instruction for Active Learning


If you are interested in knowing more, contact us at:

We are excited to be offering this new set of resources for administrators and teachers and will work directly with your school or district to customize their professional learning plans through a blended model of support.


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