Voices of ReVision

Voices of ReVision is an integrated social media space where ReVision Learning and its partners will share their visions about education and educational practice. This space will include access to our weekly Voices of ReVision paper.li, new postings from the Founder and Contributing Consultants and our Twitter feed. We look forward to linking with other educators throughout the United States and all over the globe through this page and hope to learn as much as we may provide new learning. We invite other interested Educators to contact us if they are interested in sharing their ideas about such topics as:

  • “ReVisioning” Education
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Professional Learning for Educators
  • Teacher Leadership
  • 21st Century and Digital Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Student Discourse and Engagement
  • Hope and Leadership
  • Educator and Student Efficacy
  • Educational Policy
  • Or any other topic they are passionate about

You can also participate by adding to our Community Forum where we hope to provide an opportunity for educators across America to connect, share and discuss their best ideas and practices.

ReVision Learning is dedicated to connecting people to new learning and helping people discover their own ideas while encouraging them to attach their own meaning to the ideas provided by others.

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