Webinar – Making the Inaccessible Accessible: Observing for Equity


To truly ensure equitable and accessible learning, we must work to remove barriers for students and build their capacity to become independent critical thinkers. Teachers need support in this challenging work from peers, coaches, and administrators who are knowledgeable about how students learn and who understand barriers to learning that exist (or that we create). Those who will support teachers through feedback must build the capacity to use that understanding to observe classroom lessons, review student artifacts, analyze teacher impact, and promote reflection and growth about equity.



Everyday, students encountered barriers to learning before we closed schools and moved to distanced learning. Now more than ever, our learners face new challenges, so our teachers need support through observation and feedback for growth to ensure they can reach all students. This means all who will provide feedback must strengthen their ability to observe for equity. In this webinar, you will recognize how teachers, coaches, and leaders can: 

  • develop strategies for self-reflection and observation that will generate awareness of potential barriers to equitable learning
  • engage in information gathering regardless of the school model to identify what is contributing to inaccessible learning 
  • use our 4 Stages to the Shift to Distanced Learning tool to observe for accessibility and equity and to identify teacher and learner needs in varied/distanced models


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