Webinar – Cultivating a Culture of Learning

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Cultivating a culture in which all learners feel empowered is at the heart of any change in schools and districts, especially in times of challenge. To cultivate a culture where everyone is a learner, we must design systems and cultivate a culture of observation and feedback for growth, while creating an alignment between professional learning, inquiry cycles, and direct support for teachers focused on impact on learning.



We can ensure that teachers, coaches, leaders and students are interacting within, and are supported by, an environment of learning, with a collective mission, beliefs, purpose, and actions that drive toward the ultimate goal – student success. In this 45-minute webinar, you will unpack our attributes of a culture of learning to:

  • Recognize strategies that serve to cultivate a culture of learning
  • Make connections between high quality feedback and a culture of learning 
  • Explore our 4 Stages of a Shift to Distanced Learning as a tool to support teachers and allow you to continue to build a culture of learning in varied learning models 


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